"Kaka's presentation was incredible"

Pepe: "Other teams have reasons to be afraid"

In an interview with Realmadrid Radio, Pepe commented on Kaka's impressive presentation and shared his views on the team's new signings.

Kaka's presentation
It was incredible. Kaka had a great reception and I think he's realised where he is. He is a great footballer and we will also give him a warm welcome on the squad.

We weren't surprised by the magnitude of the event because we are aware of the greatness of Real Madrid. This crowd is unique and capable of doing such things for a player. I believe Kaka wants to prove his worth on the pitch.

He had a great run in the Confederations Cup with Brazil. A new season is about to start and he is going to do his best to help the team. Real Madrid will also help Kaka.

Other teams have reasons to be afraid. Kaka is an incredible player, like Cristiano. I think the squad is well-balanced. They are two extraordinary, professional footballers that are ready to help the team. We must show them affection on the squad. The rest is up to them.

I watched the presentation and I was slightly envious. I am very happy at this club.

Cristiano Ronaldo
I am impressed by the image people have of him because he really is a hard worker that loves football. People sometimes say things about him that aren't true. He is a spectacular guy.

Both players know what they are getting into. They will do their best to prove how great they are.

Next season
I think we have to do a good job and play well. Our new coach has great vision. We must adapt to him as quick as possible. All of us, especially those of us in defence, must learn how to make precise passes to forwards like Ronaldo, Raul or Kaka. They must keep possession throughout most of the game, so we must always be concentrated.

I am very happy because people love me over here. I am dying to train again. I am working hard right now to be in top form during the pre-season.

He is a great centre back who's done a good job at Valencia and on the Spanish national team. I wish him to adapt to us quickly.

Albiol has a very interesting feature; he likes to keep possession and play with the midfielders. That's important in a centre back. He is also rather strong. He has sufficient quality to play on this team and I think he has a bright future ahead of him at Real Madrid.



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